L&Q #11

April 3, 2011


Aaaaaand we’re back! We see the spring lights at the end of the winter tunnel and it feels so good. Think warm thoughts…short sleeves, the river, beers, babes, and blunts on the park bench. While you are dreaming of it, have a little listen to Linger and Quiet Live at Nightclubbing 3/17/11. It’s fun stuff. Dream on, dreamers!




L&Q #10

November 30, 2010

We’re back with a very special edition for you, as this month plunges us into the depths of winter and things go all grey…we thought we would make a short departure from our more eclectic mixes and do a full on dance mix to keep things all glowy. We have been doing our monthly party NIGHTCLUBBING now for close to 4 years at our beloved Holocene and we thought we would share a taste of what our night is like for those of you far away…and a sweet reminder for those of you who we see every time on the dancefloor.



Linger & Quiet #10

Broken Social Scene – All to All (Supermayer Remix) [CDR]
Roman Flugel – How To Spread Lies [Dial]
Axel Boman – Purple Drank [Pampa]
Justin Vandervolgen – Sheebooyah [Golf Channel]
Benjamin Brunn – My Heart [IRR]
Kindness – Swinging Party [Moshi Moshi]
KZA – Le Troublant Acid [Endless Flight]
Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix) [Astralwerks]
Unknown (Thanks M. Aguayo!)



†††††††††††††††ADDITIONAL LISTENING††††††††††††††††††

We are also very excited to have another guest mix to post! This one comes to us from the very talented visual and sound artist Federico Nessi, aka DJ Healer of Psychic Youth, Inc. DJ Healer currently divides time between Miami and Paris, you can see more of his work here. A big thank you for his contribution this month!


Waiting For Paris…

Silver Apples– Seagreen Seranade
This Heart Electric – Lost Boys
Taxi Girl – Mannekin
Can – One More Night
Sao Dok Kum Tai – Pompuang Duangjan
Alphaville – Summer In Berlin
Thee Ohsees – The Guilded Cunt
Peligrosos Gorriones – Sabado de Pura Puta
Shocking Blue – Love Buzz
Brian Eno – Sky Saw
Bring your own lampshade, somewhere there’s a party…hear it’s never-ending, can’t remember when it started…until next month, all!

L&Q #9

October 26, 2010

Hope you haven’t missed us too much…or worse, forgot about us while we twiddled our thumbs elsewhere for a bit! But your favorite absent DJs have returned just in time to post our Halloween mix!



Linger & Quiet #9 – Halloween Special

Fabio Frizzi – Main Title (Zombi) [Zombi 2]
Methusalem – Zombie (Naughty Edit) [Ariola]
Empire – Ooh, Dracula (M. Quiet Edit) [Ariola]
Raffaella Carra – Black Cat (Edit) [History Clock]
Buried Alive
Suburban Knight – There’s No Way Out (Of This Groove) [Techno City Records]
Risqué Rhythum Team – The Jacking Zone [Chicago Connection Records]
The Blob
Ron Trent Space Ship [Future Vision]
James Teej – Space Oddity (My Favorite Robot Remix) [My Favorite Robot]
The Phantom of the Opera
Art Department – Without You [Circus Company]






This month we have something a little special, a mix we are super excited to share with you! We were lucky enough to once again host Keith McIvor, aka JD Twitch, from Glasgow’s own Optimo (R.I.P.) and Hung Up parties at our Nightclubbing party here in Portland last weekend, and as expected it was one of the best nights we have ever had/heard. The man is magic! Our attempt to record the night was thwarted…we are looking at you Honey Soundsystem (don’t worry, we still love you)…but luckily we are total groupies for Twitch, and traveled up to Seattle to see him at the awesome Trouble Dicso at Rebar. This time, the recording was a success! The Seattle show was just as great as the night before, with lots of the same tracks making it into the set, and all the same magic. We got the first hour and a half to share with you, hope you enjoy.




L&Q #8

July 27, 2010


Joe Rees on Linger & Quiet Radio Podcast


Linger and Quiet # 8

Curtiss Maldoon– Sephryn (Linger and Quiet Space Edit) (Purple Records)
– Achillies (Numero Group)
NRBQ– Only You (Rounder)
Roy Harper– Goldfish (Big Ben)
Slowdive– In Mind (Creation Records)
Roger Sherman– Say You Love Me (Self Released)
Grateful Dead– Unbroken Chain (MQuiet No Noodles Edit) (Grateful Dead Records)
Psychic TV– The Orchids (CBS)
Moon Duo– A Little Way (Woodsist)
Subway– Crystalline (Lo Recordings)
Paul McCartney– One Of These Days (Columbia)
Seahawks– Omega Beach (Captain’s Log)
Incredible String Band– Air (Elektra)



†††††††††††††††ADDITIONAL LISTENING††††††††††††††††††

This month we are honored to have an exclusive DJ mix from our good pal Jean-Baptiste Gllpn, aka Anicet!! Thanks a million to JB, living across the pond…doing good work. Check out more Anicet here.

Pilooski – AAA

Hamilton Bohannon – Me & My Diva
Sergio Mendes – I’ll Tell You
Tom Trago – Use Me Again
Rick Whilhite – What Do You See (Rick’s Groove mix)
Carmen – Throw Down
Ladies’ Choice – American Man (Edit)
Jackpot – Brief Encounter
Garçons – French Boy
Bobby Orlando – Beat By Beat
Paradise Lost – Catch Me Baby
Yeasayer – Sunrise (Pocketknife Rise and Shine Remix)
Atmosfear – Dancing In Outer Space (Dubbed In Space Version 3)
Wild Geese – Touch (Version)
Chip E – Time To Jack (House mix)
Rick Poppa Howard – I Won’t Lay Back
FCL – Let’s Go
Michoacan – Drowning
Just One Night – Dawn
Mileece – Fern

JB says:
This mix has some of the songs that worked the best on the dancefloor of Damas Social Club (http://damassocialclub.tumblr.com/), the residency that I held in a sweaty basement of Damascus Syria, from January to April 2010 before I moved to London. As for many of my mixes, I attempted to blend together elements of disco and house from the past thirty years or so, with a focus on great melodies above everything else, and a special attention to harmonics in my transitions. Among my favorites in there are Rick Whilhite’s “What Do You See” for its Cerrone sample on top of a lo-fi but super efficient beat; Garçons – French Boy for its epic melody and its timeless production; Paradise Lost’s edit of Loleatta Holloway for its killer bassline; and “Dawn”, by Just One Night, for the brass solo which carries more warmth than a Hot Club evening jam session.




Last but not least! We just joined the current century and moved from the unmentionable Myspace over to Facebook. So much more grown up. If you are of that ilk, you can find us here. Cheers!

L&Q #7

June 24, 2010


Jeff Luker on Linger & Quiet Radio Podcast


Linger and Quiet # 7

Future 3– Alison (Morr)
Balam Acab– Heavy Living Things (Tri Angle)
Walls– Hang Four (Banjo or Freakout Remix) (Kompakt)
Lands & Peoples– Bad Habits (self released)
Holy Shit– My Whole Life Story (Uunited Acoutic Recordings)
Nortec Collective Presents: Bosstich + Fussible– Jacinto (Nacional)
John Maus– Love Letters From Hell (Upset! The Rhythm)
Speculator– Cruiser (Wet Merchants)
Richard Buckner– Ollie McGee (Merge)
Shelby Bryant– The Walk (Smells Like)
Exuma– You Don’t Know What’s Going On (Mercury)
Bill Fay– Maudy La Lune (Wooden Hill)
Daniel Higgs– Thanksgiving (Dischord)
White Antelope– Wild Mountain Thyme (self released)



L&Q #6

May 27, 2010


Black Sign on Linger & Quiet Radio Podcast


Linger and Quiet #6

Mount Kimbie– Maybes (Hotflush)
Intrusion– A Night To Remember (echospace)
Bon & Rau– Brothers & Sisters (Poodle Dub) (Smallville)
Kerri Chandler– Track 1 (Shelter)
Motor City Drum Ensemble– Lonley One (20:20 Vision)
G-Man– Quo Vadis (i220)
Pional– In Another Room (Hivern Disc)
Guido Schneider– Drifting (Poker Flat)
Luciano– Celestial (Cadenza)
Lusine– Two Dots (Nic Fanciulli Mix) (Saved)