L&Q #9

October 26, 2010

Hope you haven’t missed us too much…or worse, forgot about us while we twiddled our thumbs elsewhere for a bit! But your favorite absent DJs have returned just in time to post our Halloween mix!



Linger & Quiet #9 – Halloween Special

Fabio Frizzi – Main Title (Zombi) [Zombi 2]
Methusalem – Zombie (Naughty Edit) [Ariola]
Empire – Ooh, Dracula (M. Quiet Edit) [Ariola]
Raffaella Carra – Black Cat (Edit) [History Clock]
Buried Alive
Suburban Knight – There’s No Way Out (Of This Groove) [Techno City Records]
Risqu̩ Rhythum Team РThe Jacking Zone [Chicago Connection Records]
The Blob
Ron Trent Space Ship [Future Vision]
James Teej – Space Oddity (My Favorite Robot Remix) [My Favorite Robot]
The Phantom of the Opera
Art Department – Without You [Circus Company]





L&Q #1

October 20, 2009


Summer Bliss Linger and Quiet Radio Podcast


Linger & Quiet #1

Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem– Fams (M Records)
Faust– It’s A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl (4 Men With Beards)
Here We Go Magic– Tunnelvision (Western Vinyl)
Ducktails– Wishes (Olde English Spelling Bee)
Burial– Fostercare (CDR)
Anode– Whiteout (Palace Of Lights)
Lindsay Buckingham– Trouble (Asylum Records)
Haunted Graffiti– Can’t Hear My Eyes (Kemado Records)
Omar S– Bitch (FXHE Records)
STL– Finally There (Something Records)
Anonym– Love You Like I Can (Sushitech)
Growing– Cumulusless (Troubleman Unlimited)
King Sunny Ade– Ja Fun Mi/Instrumental (Indigedisc)
Jandek– Your Other Men/Secret Frequency Crew Remix (Schematic Records)
Matias Aguayo– Koro Koro (Kompakt)
Neil Young– Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Reprise Records)