L&Q #9

October 26, 2010

Hope you haven’t missed us too much…or worse, forgot about us while we twiddled our thumbs elsewhere for a bit! But your favorite absent DJs have returned just in time to post our Halloween mix!



Linger & Quiet #9 – Halloween Special

Fabio Frizzi – Main Title (Zombi) [Zombi 2]
Methusalem – Zombie (Naughty Edit) [Ariola]
Empire – Ooh, Dracula (M. Quiet Edit) [Ariola]
Raffaella Carra – Black Cat (Edit) [History Clock]
Buried Alive
Suburban Knight – There’s No Way Out (Of This Groove) [Techno City Records]
Risqué Rhythum Team – The Jacking Zone [Chicago Connection Records]
The Blob
Ron Trent Space Ship [Future Vision]
James Teej – Space Oddity (My Favorite Robot Remix) [My Favorite Robot]
The Phantom of the Opera
Art Department – Without You [Circus Company]





5 Responses to “L&Q #9”

  1. Patricia Says:

    listening now! thanks for the eerie tunes:)

  2. […] July? Really? Um, okay well…the world’s laziest DJs (that’s us) have a new mix up. It’s a Halloween special and it’s really scary so watch out!! I’m busy making my […]

  3. yhbhsm Says:

    just hit the download. you guys continue to keep my ears happy! 🙂 happy halloween…


  4. JP Says:

    Dope mix. I like very much your tastes. and thanks for directing me towards new Ron Trent. Dude kills it.

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