L&Q #7

June 24, 2010


Jeff Luker on Linger & Quiet Radio Podcast


Linger and Quiet # 7

Future 3– Alison (Morr)
Balam Acab– Heavy Living Things (Tri Angle)
Walls– Hang Four (Banjo or Freakout Remix) (Kompakt)
Lands & Peoples– Bad Habits (self released)
Holy Shit– My Whole Life Story (Uunited Acoutic Recordings)
Nortec Collective Presents: Bosstich + Fussible– Jacinto (Nacional)
John Maus– Love Letters From Hell (Upset! The Rhythm)
Speculator– Cruiser (Wet Merchants)
Richard Buckner– Ollie McGee (Merge)
Shelby Bryant– The Walk (Smells Like)
Exuma– You Don’t Know What’s Going On (Mercury)
Bill Fay– Maudy La Lune (Wooden Hill)
Daniel Higgs– Thanksgiving (Dischord)
White Antelope– Wild Mountain Thyme (self released)




2 Responses to “L&Q #7”

  1. e*rock Says:

    This one is great, totally unfamiliar with all artists! I wish it would tell me what it is as they play!

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